Premiere: Pharis & Jason Romero – “New Day”

March 2020

On May 15, 2020, Pharis and Jason Romero will release their fifth full-length album, Bet on Love. The Fretboard Journal is proud to share “New Day,” one of the singles from that album, to our readers.

Pharis and Jason are two of our favorite musicians. The fact that they also build exquisite instruments (see our video on the Romero Banjo Co.) is just icing on the cake. In regards to this track, Pharis tell us, “‘New Day’  is about wishing for real connection and love, after knowing isolation and sadness. When someone puts their hand in yours in love, they’re giving you a future and hope. And a triumphant refrain when you find it: ‘I can hear my voice a-singing across the valley, I can hear my voice a-singing across the hills.'”

On this track, Jason puts down the banjo and plays his Fraulini 12-string guitar.

Pre-order the first pair of songs here, or the forthcoming album here.