Our Latest FJ Exclusive: Preston Thompson Guitar’s Peter Rowan Signature Model Dreadnought

Wherever he goes, bluegrass legend Peter Rowan stands out. So it makes sense that his signature model dreadnought from Oregon’s Preston Thompson Guitars does, too.

The Fretboard Journal is proud to offer the second-signed Peter Rowan signature model Preston Thompson as our latest FJ Exclusive offering. It’s an exceptional guitar with one-of-a-kind appointments and it will be the cornerstone of any bluegrass lover’s instrument collection.

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What are FJ Exclusives? We’ve partnered with some of our favorite brands and builders to offer you exclusive access to FJ-only collaborations and one-off instruments. As with everything in our magazine’s pages, all the products we feature will be remarkable and have a story worth telling behind them. They also go to support our magazine in a big way. This is our third and most deluxe offering to date.