Catch of the Day: 1963 Gibson Everly Brothers

1963 Gibson Everly Brothers

In the early 1960s, the Everly Brothers were two of the most popular performers in America. In 1962 Gibson, which had had some success with the electric archtop Barney Kessel and Tal Farlow signature models, figured they would try their luck with a flattop signature model and settled on the Everlys as the endorsers. At the time, the two brothers played matching J-200s but Gibson wasn’t about to turn their top-of-the-line flattop over to the boys so instead they based the new guitar on the J-185, a smaller jumbo that was introduced in 1951 but had flopped in the marketplace and was discontinued in 1958.

The first batch of Everly Brothers guitars in 1962 featured a striking ebony finish, but the following year, the year this guitar was made, Gibson offered a natural top with stained red sides and back as an option. This particular example is only one of 46 guitars made that year in this configuration. Like the ebony models, the natural version has maple sides and back and star shaped fretboard inlays. The Everly Brothers were energetic guitarists so Gibson added extra large double pickguards to help keep the tops of the guitars from getting scratched up and a pinless bridge that made it possible to quickly change a broken string onstage. Sadly, not long after the model was introduced, the Everly Brothers careers began to fade so the model was never a big seller. Still, they do sound very good and they have been been highly sought after in recent years by collectors and players with deep pockets. This particular guitar is in excellent condition and it is priced at $11,500 at Gruhn Guitars.

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