Watch: The First and Last Bigsby-Built Guitars Together

For the first time ever, we can hear the first and last Paul Bigsby-built instruments together. Our friends at Retrofret Vintage Guitars miraculously have these two historic instruments in their inventory right now: The 1943, Bigsby-built lap steel (the electric guitar pioneer’s instrument, previously chronicled in the FJ’s Electric Guitar Annual) and Paul’s final instrument, a 1958 semi-hollowbody guitar, dubbed “Larry.”

While both guitars are in-stock, Retrofret had stellar players Jason Loughlin (guitar) and Raphael McGregor (lap steel) perform on the duo. They play “South” (originally by Bennie Moten) with Jen Hodge on bass, and Matthew Avedon on rhythm guitar.

Unless an individual or museum miraculously buys both, we’ll probably never see or hear these two instruments together again, so we’re grateful that Reverb was able to capture them.

This video was produced and edited by  Lea Jaffe and filmed by Brian Geltner at Retrofret Vintage Guitars.

For more information about these guitars, contact Retrofret.com.