Twelve Days of Fretboard: Bill Frisell

On the sixth Day of Fretboard, we are visited by jazz guitarist Bill Frisell. Frisell is no stranger to the Fretboard Journal – he was interviewed in our fourth issue by banjo player Danny Barnes and then, in issue 12, Frisell himself penned a story where he interviewed his guitar hero, Jim Hall. To be honest, we simply never get tired talking to him. We’ve done videos with Frisell before, but we loved this story about the first record he purchased, the Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl”/”Little Deuce Coupe” and the impact it had upon him. He then launched into a stellar, minimalist take on “Surfer Girl” on his Esquire through a Carr Sportsman amp. He actually did a couple of takes of the tune for our cameras (and both were great) but this one was our favorite.

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