Robert Sarazin Blake – “OK, OK, OK”

“Troubadour” is an overused term, but there’s no other way to describe Bellingham, Washington’s Robert Sarazin Blake. The singer-songwriter performs at folk venues across the country, he’s released eleven full-length albums to date and he even curates a music festival. He proudly boasts that he once performed 60 shows in a 60 day span.

On this tune, Blake is performing his original composition “OK, OK, OK” on his 1978 Martin D-35. When he purchased the D-35 in 2001, a previous owner had enlarged the soundhole. Blake is quick to admit that he’s to blame for all the strum wear to the guitar’s top, however.

On this tune, shot at The Fretboard Journal’s Seattle offices, Blake is accompanied by Bellingham’s Jan Peters on a Trinity Irish bouzouki.