Premiere: The Slocan Ramblers – “Bring Me Down Low”

The Fretboard Journal is proud to premiere the latest video from the Slocan Ramblers. Watch the Canadian bluegrass ensemble perform a blistering version of “Bring Me Down Low,” from their new album, Up the Hill and Through the Fog. 

“As a personal challenge I try and write straight-ahead bluegrass songs that sound classic, but not cliché,” Frank Evans explains of this track. “I attempt to insert my own voice without it sounding too contemporary, and ‘Bring Me Down Low’ came out of this prompt. The hook was directly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic yet again, as my emotions teetered between joyful optimism, crippling depression, and everything in between. This was the first song we cut in the studio. Originally it had a tightly arranged ending, but when we were getting levels we were so excited to play with one another that we couldn’t bring ourselves to end the jam. What you hear is a glimpse of how much fun we had playing together after so much time apart.” 

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Below photo: Jen Squires