Bill Frisell – “My Man’s Gone Now”

Bill Frisell returns to the Fretboard Journal to perform Gershwin’s “My Man’s Gone Now.”

On this track, he’s using a recent JW Black T-style guitar with a Firebird-style pickup in the bridge and a gold foil-covered P-90 in the neck. The amp is a Carr Sportsman mic’d with an Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina.

Recorded April 5, 2022.

Frisell fans: Check out the new biography on Bill, Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer, by author Philip Watson. It’s now available. The 50th issue of the FJ will also have a new feature on Bill and his recent collaboration with Tim O’Brien and mentor Dale Bruning (Life Lessons). The issue mails later this week. Subscribe here if you’d like to get it.