mssv – “Media Kittens”/ “When the Hoarding Has Ended”

mssv – the trio of Mike Baggetta, Mike Watt, and Stephen Hodges – performs “Media Kittens” and “When The Hoarding Has Ended” from their 7″ on Improved Sequence Records.

Guitarist Mike Baggetta is using a 2020 Koll Custom Tornado with Curtis Novak pickups and Stringjoy Signature 10-48 strings. Amp-wise, he’s using a Fryette Valvulator GP/DI into a Bergantino Forte as power amp, through a Sound City 2×12 cabinet.

Mike’s pedalboard: Paul Trombetta Tornita fuzz, MXR Variphase, Whammy DT, Lehle Mono Volume, Red Panda Tensor, Eventide TimeFactor (looper only…. on the mic stand), and a Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

Watt is using his Reverend Wattplower bass, a Bergantino Forte bass amp, and a Barefaced Audio 2×12 cabinet.

mssv info and tour dates can be found here. We also interviewed Watt and Baggetta about the band for our 49th issue.

Recorded at Seattle’s Crackle & Pop by Johnny Sangster for the Fretboard Journal on April 22, 2022, because this was way too loud for our little office.

Camera/Editing: Peter Hilgendorf of Lake & Pine.