Mikkel Ploug – Bach’s “Art of the Fugue” (on a Gibson ES-330)

The Fretboard Journal is proud to debut Mikkel Ploug’s arrangement of J.S Bach’s four-voice “Contrapunctus I” from ‘The Art of the Fugue BWV 1080.’

Mikkel says: “I play it on my 1961 Gibson ES-330 through my newly-purchased 1964 Magnatone M-14 from Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar. I have been looking for an electric guitar sound that makes sense when playing Bach, and I found this vintage 330/Magnatone vibro sound mimicking in my opinion a harpsichord slightly, works great.

“To my knowledge, there are hardly any recordings of this piece for non-overdubbed solo-guitar. But I found that it is possible to perform the piece if one can sacrifice a few note lengths due to the limitations of the guitar.

“And besides that and some octavation the whole piece is there. And what a wonderful masterpiece of music it is!”

Listen to Mikkel talk about this project (and much more) on the Fretboard Journal Podcast.

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