Joe Henry – “You Are My Sunshine”

Back at the start of 2018, Bryan Sutton inspired us to start a unique video project: Ask the musicians who come through the Fretboard Journal to give us their take on the same tune. We locked into “You Are My Sunshine” as the song of choice and have been busy filming (and editing) over a dozen interpretations (and counting) ever since, featuring artists like Bill Frisell, Noam Pikelny, Joan Shelley and others.

Joe Henry showed up at the office loaded for bear: Not only had he come up with an aching, bluesy arrangement of the song, he dug deep and found all the lyrics, and he shared a fascinating bit of insight, as is his wont (you’ll have to watch through to the end to hear it). Here’s Joe and his ’30s 14-fret Gibson L-00 sharing one of the more melancholy renditions you’re likely to hear.

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