Fretboard Journal Subscription Drive: Molly Tuttle

Molly Tuttle joins us for our 2019 Fretboard Journal Subscription Drive with her Pre-War guitar. Tuttle has recently released her debut full-length album, When You’re Ready. We can’t recommend it enough. Look for more videos and a podcast with Molly, coming soon to this site.

For nearly fifteen years, The Fretboard Journal has had just one mission: To connect you with musicians, instrument makers and stories you won’t find anywhere else. To date, we’ve covered a lot of ground. What started as a keepsake print magazine has evolved into videos, a family of podcasts and daily online content. The channels evolve but our commitment to storytelling hasn’t.

Over the next year, we’d love to grow even further. There are more stories to tell, more videos and podcasts to produce and more places to take you, on the printed page and in-person.

As a reader-supported magazine, subscriptions are our lifeblood. And, as the world of advertising continues to be tumultuous, subscriptions ensure that we’ll keep growing. So we’re throwing our first-ever subscription drive. Consider it an excuse to support us if you haven’t yet (or, if you have, a good reminder to share the FJ stories with your friends).

Beyond our discounted digital and print subscription offerings, we have three exclusives for the next month, including an all-new FJ shirt and an exclusive set of Straight Up guitar strings, crafted just for you. Order below or give us a call at 877-373-8273 to sign up. All new subscriptions start with our 45th issue, out soon. All renewals will be extended beyond the current expiration date.