#FJFest: Peggy White Guitars

Our latest #FJFest luthier shop tour is with Peggy White, a builder based in Almonte, a small town in eastern Canada. Peggy has been a musician most of her life, a singer/songwriter whose main instrument is the acoustic guitar. (She’s the first luthier to also submit a song for #FJFest, see her great Townes Van Zandt cover below!)

Her training began with Sergei de Jonge and from there she had the rare good fortune to apprentice with renowned builder Linda Manzer for three years. Her last formal training was with luthier Michel Pellerin in Quebec, Canada. Her craftsmanship is precise, careful and methodical, producing exceptionally beautiful instruments.

Beyond the videos, Peggy also submitted several photos of two of the guitars she’s wrapping up.

Here are her descriptions of the guitars:

Premier Model
“I just did the final setup on a Premier model going to my Japanese dealer. Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce are the pairing on this one. This is the first instrument I’ve built with laminate sides so I was quite excited to see if there would be any difference in the sound. I’ve noticed more projection and a tighter low-end sound. I would love to hear how this one is going to open up but it will be leaving me soon. It will be for sale at Blue G Guitars in Tokyo, Japan.”

Parlour Model
“I am working on a German Maple/Italian Spruce Parlour model for a local man. This is his second Peggy White guitar and is a gift to himself for his 80th birthday. It will have a 24.5″ scale length and 13 fret neck joint. This one will be responsive to a light touch and great for fingerstyle playing.”

Contact Peggy:
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Dream Guitars currently has a build slot open for 2020 for one of Peggy’s guitars. You can find more details here.

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