#FJFest: Adam Miller — “Gimme A Holler”

You’re not new here, right? So you know we’re Bill Frisell fans. We’re fans of a lot of other folks, too, some of whom are also Bill Frisell fans, unsurprisingly. Adam Miller, a fine picker from Down Under who paid us a visit last March (check out the podcast and performance of his original composition, “Habit”), is one of those other folks, and he’s sharing this fine performance of Bill’s composition “Gimme A Holler,” from the Nashville album (recently re-released on vinyl). Adam is playing “a newish MasterBuilt 1942 Reissue D’Angelico” through a Two Rock “Classic Reverb Signature” model amplifier. Check out Adam’s Bandcamp page for music and merch (including a release of his album Leaving that includes the sheet music, TAB and video) and his Truefire offerings.

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