#FJFest: Creston Electric Instruments Shop Tour

Creston Lea kicks off #FJFest with a tour of the Creston Electric Instruments shop, taking time to show off his stash of wood — including some thought-provoking reclaimed spruce — as well as one of the more efficient spray booths you’re likely to see. Other highlights include a look at more than a couple novel finishes, an appearance by the Sarah Ryan-painted drill press you might recall from the Issue 21 feature on Creston and Paul Languedoc, a peek into the shop next door (now home to Circle Strings, the Iris Guitar Company and Fairbanks Guitars) and a nifty little guitar demo from Zack DuPont.

#FJFest is the Fretboard Journal‘s way of staying connected during these difficult times: Expect to see never-before-seen shop tours from guitarmakers, unique music performances and a ton of beautiful instruments on a daily basis.

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