Andrew Marlin – “The Hawk Is a Mule”

Andrew Marlin (Mandolin Orange) and his Buried In a Cape recording band (Christian Sedelmyer, Eli West, and Clint Mullican) perform their original tune, “The Hawk Is a Mule,” at the Fretboard Journal offices.

On this track, Marlin is playing his March 31, 1924 Gibson Lloyd Loar-signed F-5 mandolin. He purchased it from Tony Williamson at Mandolin Central. “I never thought I’d own one but this one came up and I was able to sell, basically, my entire collection to get this one mandolin.” (Marlin admits to still having a couple of nice backups: An ’83 Nugget A and an ’84 Gilchrist). But the Loar has won him over: “It really holds up on the road. It really doesn’t lose tuning when you go to different altitudes or humidity levels. I think it’s because, over 95 years, this thing has moved as much as it’s going to move. It’s probably one of the more consistent instruments I’ve ever had. It just always sounds good.”

On this track, West is playing an equally fine 1939 Martin D-18 on loan from Jet City Guitars.

Mandolin Orange graced the cover of the Fretboard Journal‘s 44th issue.