Anthony Wilson: Seasons Quartet Performs “Spring”

In 2006, acclaimed luthier John Monteleone finished one of his most ambitious projects to date, his Four Seasons quartet of archtop guitars. Upon completing the instruments (one for each season), he commissioned Los Angeles-based composer/guitarist Anthony Wilson to create an original song cycle that would showcase the instruments together. As part of their Guitar Heroes exhibit, Wilson’s Seasons: A Song Cycle For Guitar Quartet premiered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 10, 2011 with the lineup of Wilson, Julian Lage, Steve Cardenas and Chico Pinheiro (reviewed by John Thomas here).

Though Monteleone’s priceless Four Seasons guitars are now safely locked up, Wilson occasionally performs the Seasons’ song cycle on the road, as he did in May, 2013 in Seattle, Washington.

Here, Wilson tells us a bit about how the project came about. Then he, Lage, Pinheiro and Larry Koonse launch into the Spring movement with their personal guitars.

Longtime readers may remember that Lage was featured in the Fretboard Journal #17, available here.