Podcast 468: John Monteleone

Today we share an hour-long interview with one of the true greats of guitar-making, John Monteleone.

Collectors and musicians around the world have sought out John’s archtop creations, resulting in six-figure price tags, a quartet of guitars at the Met (the Four Seasons), and even a song penned by Mark Knopfler (simply titled, “Monteleone”). He’s also the subject of a full-length documentary, The Chisels Are Calling.

As if that isn’t enough, nearly 50 of his instruments from throughout his career have been amassed for a very special exhibit at the Long Island Museum entitled “Musical Masterworks: John Monteleone’s Guitars and Other Instruments.” The exhibit runs through October 13th, 2024.


From August 1-3, 2024, John also is hosting his own Art of the Guitar Festival in Stony Brook (just a mile away from the aforementioned museum). https://www.thejazzloft.org/monteleone

During our chat, we talk about his early days in lutherie, building instruments and doing repairs for Mandolin Brothers. We chat about the influence of Jimmy D’Aquisto, what inspires him today, his workshop, new models on the horizon, and more.

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“Scarface,” one of the guitars mentioned during our chat.