The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 25

The Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast celebrates its first birthday with giveaways, amp troubleshooting and more.

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Order a PDF download of Steve Melkisethian’s tweed Princeton amp project here. You may just win something, too.

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Some of the topics discussed on this episode:

1:18 The TAVA Index (with a nod to Harper’s magazine)
6:55 What’s on Skip’s bench?
8:49 Speaker reconing: Scumback speakers
10:46 Skip’s Christmas wish list: A Subaru replacement, a break from phone calls
13:42 TAVA givewaway: A Stew-Mac Tweed Champ kit!
14:12 Our Angela Instruments amp project download
15:35 Manbroidery’s two-prong patch / a potential Ebbett’s Field Flannels hat
17:00 Yet another giveaway: An A/B box or $125 Skip labor credit
19:40 Skip gets a tractor
24:14 Dual rectifier tubes and Sag 101
28:40 Jason tries to get a special guest
31:29 Cabbage and mushrooms
35:00 Cabinet glue
40:49 Fender’s White amplifiers
44:09 Choosing a Fender for your band
48:12 How Skip drains filter caps
51:35 Lafayette amplifiers
54:28 A 1971 Fender Bassman (AA371) with stray voltages
59:23 Making an Ampex 602A work for guitar
1:11:32 Splitting a 2×12 speaker cab
1:15:19 Using a looper pedal to help with soundchecks (h/t Julian Lage)
1:16:50 Music recommendation: Red Norvo
1:18:12 Budweiser Copper Lager and cast iron pans
1:25:43 A Cornell Romany Pro that goes through power tubes
1:33:34 Book review: Maurice J. Summerfield’s The Jazz Guitar
1:34:32 Light bulb limiters
1:36:56 A Princeton Reverb-style amp with a pull-switch on the volume control
1:41:35 A Classic Tone 5E3 power transformer with one metal washer
1:43:35 A history of phase inverters
1:46:02 More new parallel, single-ended amps

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Photo above of Skip courtesy Chris Harvey (Turkeytone Guitars).