Podcast 273: Robert Keeley

“It wasn’t like I was looking to make pedals my career, at all… it was just, ‘I bet I can sell one to buy parts for this other one.'” –Robert Keeley, on his early work

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics. When it comes to the world of effects pedals, Keeley is, quite simply, a legend. During our conversation, he recounts his early days flipping hi-fi gear he’d find at estate sales; explains why he never became an amp builder; outlines the importance of a great education for all of his employees; and walks us through the lifecycle of a pedal currently in development (the ECCOS delay/looper).

Whether you know Keeley for his old Tube Screamer mods or for his more recent, digital signal processing effects, you’re bound to learn something during this hour-long chat.

This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases and Retrofret Vintage Guitars.