The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 105

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Just in time for the holidays: A bonus Truth About Vintage Amps episode!

This week, no listener-submitted questions. Instead, we introduce you to Joshua Dejaen, a.k.a. jdflyback on YouTube.

This young, Pacific Northwest-based electrical engineer has taken YouTube by storm with a viral video where he not only built a tube amp from scratch, he even built the tubes!

Watch Joshua’s video here.

During our chat, we hear how Joshua got his start building vacuum tubes at home, learn about some of the grassroots tube builders / electrical engineers who have inspired him along the way, and hear about Joshua’s build process. We also learn about the perils of microwave oven transformers and so much more.

Joshua has included a schematic for the spot welder he used in his tube-making video. See below.

Other references mentioned by Joshua:

‘Saga of the Vacuum Tube,’ by Gerald F.J. Tyne (Amplified Parts order link)



‘Materials Technology for Electron Tubes’ by Walter H. Kohl  (Tubebooks.org link)

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Below: jdflyback’s spot welder, as described on this week’s episode. (Build at your own risk!)