Podcast 390: John Shults of True Vintage Guitar

This week, we talk to one of the young guns of vintage instrument dealing, 33-year-old John Shults of True Vintage Guitar.

John is based out of Birmingham, Alabama, and has a unique business model. As his Instagram account reveals, he’s seemingly on an endless guitar safari, traveling around the world and acquiring closet-find Fenders and Gibsons, often from the instrument’s original owners or their family members. His sales strategy is unique, too. John not only has a knack for finding rare instruments, but he also knows how to tell a great guitar story.

During our chat, John tells us about his decision to become a vintage instrument dealer and some of the many tricks of the trade he’s picked up over the years. We learn about the perils of traveling with large amounts of cash, how he puts anxious sellers at ease, and the trends he’s noticed in today’s vintage electric market. We also learn about why, after a decade of being an online-only retailer, John is about to open his first brick & mortar showroom.



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