The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 8

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Truth About Recording and Mixing podcast. This week’s guest is Dan Alexander, who has a new book out chronicling his adventures in making records, building studios and making thousands of vintage gear deals throughout the last four decades. It’s call Dan Alexander Audio – A Vintage Odyssey (link).

0:00 Introduction
2:10  Send us questions about studio interconnects!
3:05  Listener question about 500 series rack gear
6:25  Listener question about analog tape hiss and noise reduction
10:10 Disclaimer: Zoom audio issues
11:30 Welcome to Dan Alexander
12:55 Dan’s history as a guitar dealer and his new pandemic hobby building acoustic guitars
19:20 Meeting Allen Sides and realizing vintage gear was better than current gear.
21:20 Tewksbury history
23:30 Demoes with Jonathan Richman & Earthquake
27:20 Founding Tewksbury and transitioning into buying and selling gear
32:20 The beginning of the vintage gear quest
41:15 Traveling to Europe and Asia to buy gear
47:45 Dan’s plug for the Fretboard Journal
50:00 Listener question about Rupert Neve and the importance of Neve consoles
1:05:00 Listener question about upgrading a home recording setup from basic collection of mics and an interface
1:15:00 More thoughts on the current vintage gear market and current gear makers
1:24:30 Buying guitars in pawn shops and the guitars that Dan’s building today

Our sponsor for this episode are Caddis Eye Appliances and iZotope.

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