Podcast 440: Meg Duffy (Hand Habits)

This week, we talk to Meg Duffy, the stellar guitarist and songwriter best known as Hand Habits.

Meg grew up in upstate New York and took up guitar as a teenager. They attended the local community college’s guitar program (the only non-male student in their class) and performed with a wide variety of local singer-songwriters and bands before a fortuitous encounter opening for Kevin Morby. Meg ended up playing with Morby and eventually moved to LA where they’ve worked for Christian Lee Hutson, The War on Drugs, Perfume Genius, and numerous artists when they’re not performing as Hand Habits. Best of all, Meg is still often using the Fender Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster they bought as a teenager!

During our chat, we talk about how Meg found guitar and its important role in their upbringing; why Hand Habits’ fanbase has “family therapy energy;” trying to emulate Blake Mills’ parts touring with Perfume Genius; Meg’s gorgeous new Doubles instrumental record with Gregory Uhlmann; the art of playing slow; and so much more. We also talk gear, including the rubber bridge guitars from Old Style Guitar Shop, electrics from Gelber & Sons, and the next big, post-rubber-bridge guitar muting trend (maybe)!

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Watch Meg with Perfume Genius on KEXP here.

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Above Photo: Graham Tolbert