Podcast 381: Zach Nugent

Burlington, Vermont’s Zach Nugent has made a successful career out of emulating the guitar playing of Jerry Garcia and the music of the Grateful Dead. To accomplish this feat, he amassed an incredible collection of vintage gear … allowing him to access whatever gear Jerry was playing during a particular era. Zach’s attention to detail is only matched by his work ethic: He takes the music of the Dead very seriously and, contrary to what one would assume about a Jerry Garcia disciple, he’s never touched drugs or even alcohol.

On today’s FJ Podcast, we talk to Zach about what it takes to be one of the most in-demand Dead-style guitarists, the gear that Jerry used over the years, why Zach hates 1/4″ cables, and so much more. We also talk about his recently released album Good So Far, which shows a completely different side of his playing and songwriting and features guest appearances by John Popper and Peter Rowan. It also boasts a rare re-appearance of Jerry Garcia’s Wolf guitar, built by Doug Irwin.

All told, it’s a great chat with a fanatical guitarist and guitar historian. We think you’ll love it.


Look for more on Zach and the guitar sounds of Jerry Garcia in our 51st issue, coming soon.

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Above photo: Roger Gupta