Podcast 371: Andrew Enns of Yamaha

On today’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to Andrew Enns, Senior Acoustic Guitar Builder at Yamaha. In case you didn’t know, Yamaha has a workshop in Southern California, where Andrew and a small team are building the next generation of Yamaha’s high-end acoustic guitars.

This is a fascinating chat on so many levels: Andrew is a largely self-taught guitarmaker and recounts how he started out building electric guitars on his apartment patio with the information he gleaned from the early days of the internet (including Ed Roman’s legendary rants) and Stew-Mac catalogs. He then went on to work for Michael Kelly and Cordoba, where he immersed himself in classical guitar construction.

At Yamaha, Andrew’s job is not only to make a great acoustic, but to constantly adjust, test, and refine his creations. Known for their high tolerances, the brand has Andrew go through dozens of prototypes for each guitar model he builds, often with the tiniest of differences. He shares some of the discoveries he’s made over the years about top thickness, woods, neck joints, and more. We also talk about the new high-end dreadnought has Andrew designed for Yamaha, out sometime in 2023.



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