Podcast 343: Courtney Hartman Interviews Dana Bourgeois

Courtney Hartman has a new solo album this week, Glade. To celebrate, we’ve tossed her the keys to the Fretboard Journal Podcast and – all week long – she’ll be interviewing some of her favorite people in the fretted instrument world on our show.

On her first installment, she talks to Dana Bourgeois of Bourgeois Guitars. They discuss Dana’s initial love for the guitar, his fateful discovery of the Irving Sloane book, his relationship with Tony Rice, his build process and more.

Look for Courtney’s next interview in a few days. Later this week, Jason will be back and, after a brief inspection for any new scratches or dents to the pod, we will be talking to Courtney herself about the making of Glade.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll check it out (stream links). Courtney recorded it on the Colorado farm where she grew up using an array of instruments (some high-end, some cheap) and with some special guest cameos (including Gregory Alan Isakov). If you’ve only heard the bluegrass side of Courtney Hartman, you’re in for a treat.

Courtney Hartman’s Store: https://courtneyhartman.myshopify.com

Bandcamp: https://courtneyhartman.bandcamp.com/album/glade

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/2jLbcCta4ORz1pnrSR24dj

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