Podcast 340: Rudy Pensa on the Chinery Blue Guitar Collection

Famed guitar dealer Rudy Pensa (Rudy’s Music!) joins us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about one of the world’s most noteworthy guitar collections ever assembled, Scott Chinery’s Blue Guitar Collection. In the mid-1990s, inspired by the blue Centura Deluxe he ordered from Jimmy D’Aquisto, Chinery commissioned twenty-plus archtop guitar makers to do their own take on a “blue” guitar, all using the same finish tint. Famed builders like Kim Walker, Linda Manzer, Tom Ribbecke, Bill Collings and Bob Benedetto were included, along with contributions from Gibson and Fender.

The Blue Guitars would eventually be showcased at the Smithsonian and be the subject of a book, Blue Guitar. With Chinery’s passing in 2000, the guitars have been out of sight but Rudy, at the request of the Chinery estate, is now auctioning off the collection (including the D’Aquisto) as a single lot. We talk to Pensa about the guitar collection, his personal love for archtops (dating back to when he was a child in Argentina) and much more.

The Blue Guitar Collection can be seen in its entirety at Rudy’s site here, including videos featuring Jason Isbell, Joe Bonamassa and David Broza playing the guitars. It’s also available for viewing at Rudy’s store.

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