Podcast 327: Blake Wyland (The Tone Mob Podcast)

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, Jason gets to grill another guitar podcaster, Blake Wyland (The Tone Mob, Chasing Tone) about the world of boutique pedals, gear marketing trends and more. Blake recounts how he left a steady, but unfulfilling day job to jump into the guitar industry, first as a podcast host and eventually as a consultant to indie brands. We also chat about guitar media (YouTube vs. podcasting), the world of paid demo videos, gear (Grez Guitars, Jennings Guitars, Equitz Guitars, Benson amps), Stringjoy Strings, NAMM and the future of guitar shows, Josh Scott (JHS Pedals), and Blake’s tips for building your own “shred shed” … plus a lot more.

Trust us: Whether you’re befuddled by the world of pedals (like Jason), a Tone Mob fan, a DIY musician or a luthier looking for marketing advice, there’s something in this conversation for you!

Follow Blake here: https://tonemob.com

Blake’s new album, American Cyclops’ Tom, Do You Have Anything Sharp On You? is streaming everywhere now.

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This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases, Folkway Music and Retrofret Vintage Guitars