Podcast 307: Joachim Cooder

We make a rare exception on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast and talk to a drummer!

Percussionist / singer-songwriter Joachim Cooder joins us to talk about his new album, Over that Road I’m Bound: The Songs of Uncle Dave Macon. It’s a captivating collection of Macon songs performed on a rather unlikely instrument, the electric mbira. Joachim is also joined by his dad, Ry Cooder, on the banjo; Rayna Gellert on fiddle, Juliette Commagere on vocals; and Sam Gendel on bass-guitar hybrid. It’s a wild combination of instruments that somehow works.

During our chat, we hear about Joachim’s first exposure to the music of Uncle Dave Macon as a kid, his own daughter’s infatuation with this material, the versatility of the electric mbira, his pedal board of choice and a lot more. Whether or not you’re a fan of Macon’s decades-old original recordings, we can’t recommend this new album enough.

Above photo: Abby Ross

This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases and Folkway Music.

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