Podcast 299: Adam Miller Returns

September 2020

Guitar great Adam Miller joins us once again (he originally appeared on Fretboard Journal Podcast #240) to talk about the making of his fantastic new electric album, Unify. Miller has had quite an interesting year and he walks us through the whole saga: He and his wife were all set to relocate to Los Angeles full-time when COVID hit and sent him back home to Australia. He recounts how Unify came together, the deep influence his California time had on the making of the album, and why he decided to re-record its guitar parts. We also hear about Adam’s current gear of choice, the amp he was able to fix on his own (inspired by our Truth About Vintage Amps podcast) and a lot more.

Check out this new video featuring Adam playing the track “Leaving” from his new album, just for our followers.

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Photo above: Holly Clayton