Podcast 298: Christian Lee Hutson

With Beginners (ANTI- Records), Christian Lee Hutson released one of our favorite records of 2020, so it only felt fitting to invite this Los Angeles-based musician back on the Fretboard Journal Podcast. During our chat, Hutson talks about the making of his album (including his previous failed attempts to record these songs); overcoming self-doubt; working alongside Phoebe Bridgers (who ended up producing Beginners and appearing on it); taking up the clarinet and flute in the middle of the pandemic and much more.

We also talk about Hutson’s guest appearance on the Reply-All Podcast, where he pieced together and re-created a forgotten pop song based on one listener’s recollection.

Above photograph: Gus Black

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Christian Lee Hutson also appeared on the Fretboard Journal Podcast #161 during an earlier visit.

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