Podcast 275: Remembering Paul Hostetter with Henry Kaiser and Rick Turner

Henry Kaiser and Rick Turner take over this week’s episode of the Fretboard Journal Podcast to share H-13: A Tribute to the Santa Cruz Model H Guitar with us. This is a collection of newly-recorded tracks celebrating the musical life and legacy of musician/luthier Paul Hostetter (1945-2019).

Growing up in Detroit, Paul Hostetter took up guitar as a teenager, dropped out of high school and got a job at Joe and Mary Fava’s music shop teaching blues and folk-style guitar. He knew Joni Mitchell and Marvin Gaye. He played rhythm guitar in recording sessions at Motown Records. And, while still in Detroit, he attended Monteith College, a liberal arts branch of Wayne State University, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. His experience there was broader than it sounds. He worked in a range of disciplines, among them metal-smithing, a skill that enabled him to support himself designing and making wedding rings.

In addition, Paul was the inspiration for the Santa Cruz Guitar Co. Model H guitar. These instruments exist in 14-fret, 13-fret and 12-fret versions. All of the tracks on this album are recorded with SCGC Model H guitars. Most of the musicians were friends with Paul and chose tunes and musical modes of expression that would have made Paul smile.

Beyond the incredible playing, this album is a tremendous showcase of just how varied one guitar model can sound, thanks to differing tonewood choices. It’s also fascinating to hear Kaiser and Turner’s expert commentary between songs. We hope you enjoy this special episode.

Track Listing

1 Martin Simpson – “When First Unto This Country” 3:30
2 Rick Ruskin – “Medley: Buck Dancer’s Choice / Arkansas Traveler” 1:45
3 Happy Traum – “He Was a Friend of Mine” 4:42
4 Bruce Molsky – “Lasitera” 3:06
5 Josh Michaell – “Evening Reflections by Laguna Creek” 4:04
6 Kevin Carr – “Foliada de Bearducido” 3:27
7 Jody Stecher – “The Spider Hop” 4:57
8 D’Gary – “Mpiarak’ Aomby” 4:39
9 Tony McManus – “Bach Cello Suite #1: Prelude” 2:20
10 Michael Gulezian – “Oh! Suzanna” 4:48
11 Rick Chelew – “It Could Be an Antelope” 3:18
12 Ed Pettersen – “The Harbor Road” 3:44
13 Paul Kotapish & Dan Warrick – “Belgian Waltzes” 2:58
14 Rick Turner – “Smith Grade March” 1:47
15 Marc Silber – “Searching for Spence > Leavin’ You” 4:40
16 Rev. Heng Sure – “She Carries Me” 4:47
17 Eric Thompson – “Shake Shake Mama” 2:51
18 Henry Kaiser – “Hard Time Killin’ Spoonful Blues” 7:25

Links: SCGC’s HG13 Project page / Paul Hostetter’s H Guitar page

This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases and Retrofret Vintage Guitars.