Podcast 270: Jason Loughlin

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we’re talking to guitarist/instructor Jason Loughlin. Loughlin’s latest project is Sound on Sound, a rather unconventional TrueFire course dedicated to teaching the multi-track arranging of Les Paul. Over the course of the lesson, Loughlin walks students through a nine-guitar (!) arrangement of the jazz standard “After You’ve Gone.” Though it sounds daunting, Loughlin is able to easily break down and demystify how recordings like this were made and reveal some of Les’ favorite tone hacks, like emulating the sound of drums and bass via his six-string guitar.

We also talk to Loughlin about how to encapsulate those classic Les Paul sounds with modern gear, some of Loughlin’s other loves – like early Sun Records recordings – and much more.

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