Luthier on Luthier: Dick Boak

Dick Boak started as a draftsman at Martin guitars and stayed for 42 years taking on numerous roles at the company, including Director of the Martin Museum and Archives; Director of Advertising and Artist Models; Guitar Designer, Founder of the 1833 Shop; and more.

For episode 76 of the podcast, Dick tells us about his first attempt at guitarmaking, the influence of the Whole Earth Catalog, and how he ended up Martin, thanks to some enterprising dumpster diving. We also talk about how his role at Martin changed over the years, what it’s like to collaborate with well-known artists on signature models, and how Martin as a company has changed over the decades. Lastly, we hear about Dick’s other pursuits and passions as an artist, solo luthier, author, poet, musician, teacher and archivist for none other than Mario Andretti.

Link: https://www.dickboak.com

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