Podcast 82: John Knowles, CGP

Over the years, Nashville’s John Knowles has earned a PhD, a Grammy and even two Emmy nominations. Perhaps even more impressive, he’s one of a handful of musicians given the “Certified Guitar Player” award from Chet Atkins. On our 82nd podcast, we talk to Knowles about Atkins, the state of fingerstyle guitar playing today, his role as an educator and arranger (he’s also the publisher of FingerStyle Quarterly) and about the influence Lenny Breau had on his playing. We also hear a bit about the recording project he’s currently working on with Tommy Emmanuel and, at the very end, get a gem of a Bill Monroe story.

It’s a 20 minute talk with one of the world’s best fingerstyle guitar players and instructors. Don’t forget to check out our Fretboard Journal Live session with Knowles and Tommy Emmanuel, filmed just a couple of days after this podcast was recorded.