Podcast 169: Colin Hay

Colin Hay is addicted to guitars. “Once the bug hits… you keep finding guitars that you can’t seem to live without,” he admits. On this week’s podcast, we talk to the Australian singer-songwriter (and former Men at Work) about his ever-growing instrument collection (including numerous boutique guitars from makers such as Maton, Michael Greenfield, Joe Veillette and others) and a lot more. Hay also walks us through his songwriting process, talks to us about the importance of Los Angeles’ Largo venue and tells us why, after all these years and millions of records sold, he’s still taking guitar lessons.

We’ll have video of Colin Hay performing for our cameras soon on fretboardjournal.com.

Note: This interview took place backstage at a Seattle music venue so we apologize for some of the background noise.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Retrofret Vintage Guitars and Dying Breed Music.