Song Premiere: Jackson Melnick’s “Spirit Mother” ft. Molly Parden

September 2021

The Fretboard Journal is happy to premiere “Spirit Mother,” a new track from Colorado native, Jason Melnick. “Spirit Mother” can be found on Melnick’s forthcoming album, Abilene, out September 24. It’s an album that has been in heavy rotation around the FJ stereo.

“This song comes from my connection with the seasons and the natural world, which were a very significant and very present part of my upbringing,” Melnick says. “This song might be my best Gregory Alan Isakov impersonation, we have both been to the Boulder, Colorado DMV I suppose, and seen the magical way the light changes on the Boulder Prairie. This song came to me on an old classical guitar that was in a dark wine cellar at a Social Club I was helping to manage right after college. A very courageous Iranian born Jew gave me a chance to be a businessman, and I was sneaking off to write songs in the basement. When they hit they hit, I suppose. I left that job to move to Nashville for the second (and shortest) time.”

Produced by Christopher Henry (Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band), Abilene showcases Melnick’s unique voice, his bluegrass roots and some stellar songwriting. We’ll be interviewing him soon for the FJ podcast… stay tuned. In the meantime, follow Jackson Melnick here