Replay: Our First Ever Virtual Masterclass with TJ Thompson and Mark Stutman

Over the course of nearly 50 issues and hundreds of podcasts, we’ve interviewed many of the world’s best luthiers. On August 12, 2022, we hosted our first-ever virtual “masterclass” with two of these figures: TJ Thompson and Mark Stutman (Folkway Music). This pair of Fretboard Summit alums are admired around the world for their vintage Martin and Gibson (respectively) repairs; they’re also no strangers to the pages of our print magazine and our podcast. Every time I speak to them, I learn something new.

On August 12, 2021, we held a rapid-fire, 90-minute Zoom workshop with these two luthiers on the care, feeding and maintenance of vintage flattop guitars (primarily Martins and Gibsons). Over 100 attendees from around the world signed up to hear about some of the new discoveries TJ and Mark have made recently, proper maintenance “hacks” (everyone is still talking about the double ball-end trick) and more. We also fielded questions from our audience. The time flew by.

This workshop was the first of many we’ll be throwing and was hosted by Chicago’s famed Old Town School; the future of home of the next Fretboard Summit (2022, we hope). We’re sharing it now to everyone so you can see what the fuss is about; I hope you’ll join us the next time we do one of these.