Fretboard Summit 2022: Luthier Showcase Lineup: August 26-27 in Chicago

The Chicago Fretboard Summit – our global gathering of guitar fanatics – is quickly approaching. If you missed our first two Summits back in 2015 and 2016, let me assure you: This is unlike any guitar show you’ve ever attended.

Our 2022 lineup will never be duplicated: The Milk Carton Kids, Molly Tuttle, and Julian Lage are all playing, as are Fareed Haque, Bobby Broom, Courtney Hartman, Vikesh Kapoor, and Jordan Tice. Nathan Salsburg, James Elkington, and Sierra Hull are among the workshop teachers. If you’re into modern handmade guitars, we have over 50 luthiers exhibiting their wares (see the full list below). All-access ticketholders will also sit-in on panel discussions, lectures, and Q&As with the folks from Reverb, acclaimed Martin restoration expert TJ Thompson, archtop wizard Ken Parker, Richard Hoover (SCGC), Maegan Wells, FJ field editor John Thomas, and many others.

What I love about the Summit – and the main reason we decided to bring it back – is that it’s also just fun. We’ve crammed so much into each day, that there’s no way to see everything, but some of the best Summit moments aren’t on any schedule. Where else can you geek out with a couple hundred new and old friends, meet the experts you’ve heard on our podcasts and seen in our pages, and experience three nights of mind-bogglingly great music? It’s going to be great and I hope to see some of you in Chicago.

$30 tickets to the Luthier Showcase are available here: Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27.

All-access tickets that include the showcase plus workshops, concerts, and lectures are available here

As promised, our lineup of exhibiting luthiers for 2022… 

3Bender – https://www.3bender.com

Michel Aboudib – https://maboudibguitars.com

Acoustic Remedy Cases – https://www.acousticremedycases.com

Bashkin Guitars – https://www.bashkinguitars.com

Benedetto Guitars – https://www.benedettoguitars.com

Beauregard Guitars –  http://beauregardguitars.com

Dick Boak – https://www.dickboak.com

Leo Buendia Guitars – https://buendiaguitars.com

Dammann Custom Instruments – https://dammanninstruments.com

DMT Guitars – https://dmtguitars.com

Duneland Labs – https://www.dunelandlabs.com

Ear Trumpet Labs – https://www.eartrumpetlabs.com

Empress Effects – https://empresseffects.com

Tim Frick Guitars – https://timfrickguitars.com

Galloup Guitars – https://www.galloupguitars.com

Grez Guitars – https://www.grezguitars.com

Sam Guidry Guitars – https://samguidryguitars.com

Hoffman Guitars – http://www.hoffmanguitars.com

Halland Guitars – https://www.hallandguitars.com

Hayes Guitars – https://hayesguitar.com

Drew Heinonen – https://www.heinonenguitars.com

Humphrey Amps – http://www.humphreyamps.com

Hoffee Cases – https://www.carbonfibercases.com

Matthhieu Humbert / Melophonic – https://www.melophonics.fr

Iris Guitar Company – https://www.irisguitarcompany.com

Isaac Jang Guitars – https://www.isaacjangguitars.com

Michael Kennedy / Indian Hill Guitars – https://www.michaelkennedyguitars.com

Randall Kramer Guitars – https://www.randallkramerguitars.com

Lane Guitars – https://www.kelleylaneguitars.com

Lame Horse Instruments – https://lamehorse.net

LHT Guitars – https://www.lhtguitars.com/story

Bernie Lehmann – http://www.lehmannstrings.com

Todd Lunneborg – http://www.tlguitars.com

Matsuda Guitars – https://matsudaguitars.com

Mule Resophonic Guitars – https://www.muleresophonic.com/pages/new-start-here

Muth Guitars – https://muthguitars.com

Mya-Moe Ukuleles – https://www.myamoeukuleles.com/index.php

Northfield Mandolins – https://www.northfieldinstruments.com

Ken Parker Archtops – https://kenparkerarchtops.com

Michel Pellerin – https://www.guitarespellerin.com/en/

Richard Reynoso – http://www.reynosoguitars.com

Tom Ribbecke – https://www.facebook.com/tom.ribbecke

Robinson Guitars – https://robertrobinsonguitars.com

Curtis Rockwell – https://www.curtisrockwellguitars.com

Ryer Guitars – https://ryerguitars.com

Saers Guitars – https://www.saersguitars.com

Shopflow / GIT Suite – https://www.gitsuite.org

Tyson Soth Guitar Co. – https://sothguitars.com

Specimen Products – https://www.specimenproducts.com

Stehr Guitars – http://www.stehrguitars.com

Strack Woodworking – https://www.bashkinguitars.com

Julien Sublet – https://en.guitaresjuliensublet.com

FE Tellier Guitars – https://fetellierguitars.com

Preston Thompson Guitars – http://pktguitars.com

Maegen Wells Guitars & Mandolins – http://www.maegenwellsguitars.com

Woolson Soundcraft – https://www.woolsonsoundcraft.com

The 2022 Fretboard Summit is curated by the Fretboard Journal and brought to you thanks to the support of our sponsors: Martin Guitar, Henriksen Amplifiers, Santa Cruz Guitar Co., Yamaha, Collings, RODE Microphones, Reverb.com, and Galloup Guitars.

Above guitar: Matsuda Guitars.