Catch of the Day: 1964 Fender Stratocaster

1964 Fender Stratocaster

This is the third Strat we’ve featured on the Catch of the Day. The first was a very nice 1963 model in Fiesta Red while the second was a 1954 model that was one the earliest examples to have turned up so far. The one here was made in 1964 just before Leo Fender sold his company to CBS.  Two of the most prominent Strat players of all time were lefties but, oddly, neither played a guitar with this set-up. Dick Dale, the surf guitar legend, played a Strat with a lefty body, but he strung right-handed, which put the bass string closest to the floor. And Jimi Hendrix took a right-handed Strat, flipped it around and strung it lefty. Go figure. This guitar looks to be in excellent condition and is a rare example of a left-handed model. It’s currently at Gruhn Guitars where it has a price of $16,500.