Bill Hardin is Building Guitars Again

Some good news from our buddy Andy Volk:

As many of you know, luthier Bill Hardin of Bear Creek Guitars suffered a horrible hand accident last March, severing an artery and tendons. I’m happy to say he’s now back to building some of the finest acoustic Weissenborn-style guitars on the planet. But the forced hiatus from his shop has left him hurting financially and he’s asked me to get the word out the there’s never been a better time to order a guitar from him.

His instruments are both beautiful and wonderful to play. I’ve had one for 16 years and it just gets better with age. If you’re looking for a luthier-made acoustic steel, Bill’s guitars are among that small, elite group of the very best.

For those of you who can afford it and want something very special, Bill says, I am in the designing stage of a 20th anniversary model. It will be a series of 5 guitars made from 5 star Koa with the top back and sides bound in rope and abalone, 45 style, with a Hawaiian scene inlayed on the Headstock and fingerboard. The guitar will be selling for $13,000. and will include a Calton case.”