Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields – “This Little Ukulele”

For nearly two decades, the Magnetic Fields’ frontman Stephin Merritt has shown the world that the ukulele is as powerful a songwriting and performing tool as any fretted instrument. Often compared to the tunesmiths of Tin Pan Alley, Merritt is a unique force, a prolific composer and even the author of a book on each of the two-letter words suitable for Scrabble. In short, he’s one of our favorite people.

Merritt appeared in the very first issue of The Ukulele Occasional, the magazine that was the precursor to The Fretboard Journal so we were honored when Merritt stopped by our offices for this quick video. He brought his 8-string Mele ukulele along and, for obvious reasons, this song from 2002’s Eban & Charley soundtrack just made perfect sense.