Premiere: Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves – “Hurricane Clarice / Brushy Fork of John’s Creek”

When we first heard a preview of Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves’ new album, Hurricane Clarice (Free Dirt Records, out March 25), we were floored. Their clawhammer banjo-fiddle music is haunting, meditative and demands repeat listenings. It’s somehow both traditional and forward thinking. Hence, we’re proud to premiere the video featuring the pair performing the album’s gorgeous title track.

Allison and Tatiana recorded Hurricane Clarice last year in the midst of a historic heatwave in Portland, Oregon. Producer Phil Cook had the idea to weave soundbites from each musician’s grandmothers into the project. It’s definitely not your typical banjo/old-time fare.

The pair gave us the backstory on this video: “‘Hurricane Clarice’ captures our love for instrumental banjo-fiddle music, combining the original title track with our interpretation of John Morgan Salyer’s version of the traditional fiddle tune ‘Brushy Fork of John’s Creek.’ We love playing music together in the duo format and find that there is so much room for flexibility and spontaneous musical reactivity.”




Above photo: Tasha Miller