Michael Gurian: A Rare Bird (Documentary)

In our latest documentary, we visit legendary guitarmaker Michael Gurian. Gurian is, quite simply, a living legend in the world of lutherie. A product of the Greenwich Village scene of the 1960s, he started out making and repairing classical guitars, ouds and lutes. As his business grew, Gurian expanded to steel string guitars and eventually created one of the first “boutique” guitar factories of the modern era. To this day, he continues to bridge the old world with the new with his creations.

Though Gurian’s guitar business faced many setbacks, his instruments continue to be coveted by musicians and collectors. David Lindley, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan are just three famous players who have owned Gurians.

Gurian no longer makes guitars but now owns a major guitar parts manufacturing business. From his floating factory in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, he and his team create inlays, trim, bridge pins and more for many of today’s biggest makers.