The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 88

February 2022

Chokes, scalloped potatoes, Monoprice amps, phase inverters, and more! It’s the 88th episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps.

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Some of the topics discussed this week:

2:31 Before you start charging people to fix amps…

5:57 RIP listener Bill Eldred; happy birthday, Clayton

7:04 John Vanderslice’s new podcast, ‘Keep the Dream Alive’

9:09 Skip’s music recommendation: Brave Combo

10:24 economycandy.com for all your vintage candy needs

12:02 Live taping of the TAVA’s 100th episode at the 2022 Fretboard Summit? (Chicago, August 25-27)

13:22 Skip sounds like Jerry Garcia, redux; Jerry Garcia Funny Story (YouTube link); what to do with a busted Monoprice Stage Right 15-watt, 12″ combo?

20:35 How did Fender circuits get named? El Pato red enchilada sauce (in the big can)

24:36 Tweed Deluxe vs. Ampeg M-12, redux; replacement reverb tank for a Gibson Falcons (4FB3D1B)

27:02 Chokes: What are they, why and more? henrys; scalloped potatoes

34:34 A Cromwell lap steel and matching amp; pre-servicing an amp to clean out pests, etc. before you send it to a tech; more scalloped potatoes; Aleene’s Tacky Glue

39:34 Recovering old cloth-covered wire; Otis Amps on the Sonic Artifacts Podcast

43:18 Boutique builders: Vintage 47 amps (link); Swart amps; Dr. Z; BC amps (link)

46:53 Kalamazoo Reverb 12 revisited; 5E3 vs. 6G3 (Deluxe) schematics

50:01 Phase inverters in the 6G3, 5E3 and Ampeg M-12 amps

51:02 A typewriter baffler from listener Bob K.

54:25 Phase issues with different sized speakers?; using a 9v battery to test the phase of a speaker; Nashville Amp Works

58:49 The Beginner’s Corner for Tone Geeks, by Marty from the Oregon Coast; Sarno Music Solutions Earth Drive pedal (link); Neil Young’s ‘Live Rust’; non-alcoholic hoppy water

1:11:30 The Ampro combo amp revisited

1:15:33 Recommended reading: the Ampeg book, the Gibson amp book

1:16:54 The TAVA Angela Super Single Ended amp group build… happening soon (we hope)!

1:18:27 Simple recipes: Cast Iron Roast Chicken (link), Herb Salad (link); an Ampeg flip-top B-15 with replaced coupling capacitors; Cornell Dubilier capacitors, mylar versus polyester; Johnnie Taylor “It’s Your Thing”

1:33:52 Recommended sources for good resistors and caps for new builds; Skip still has a TEAC a7010 reel-to-reel tape deck available

1:40:32 A circuit for weirdos: Epiphone EA-70 with tube compression

1:41:10 Recommended reading: Trustee from the Tool Room

The Truth About Vintage Amps is hosted by amp tech Skip Simmons. Co-hosted and produced by the Fretboard Journal’s Jason Verlinde.

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Above: Cromwell amp and lap steel, courtesy of Joe aka Lightcrustdoughboy.