The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 83

It’s the 83rd episode of the Truth About Vintage Amps: More capacitor talk than you can shake a SnufferStick at, push-pull circuits, Ethiopian cooking tips and more!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co.Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars. Special thanks to Shure for ushering in the new, higher-fidelity chapter of TAVA.

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Some of the topics discussed this week:

1:56 The TAVA Cookbook (coming soon, email us if you want it)

5:15 Skip’s real voice or a young Jerry?

7:56 Interactive controls on amps, Neil Young’s Whizzer, an Epiphone Blues Custom 30, roasted pickled onions

14:06 Old filter caps in PA conversions; Pelican Bay Brewing

17:59 1957 Tweed Deluxe with all original caps; a chassis-only Tweed Deluxe on eBay; Ampeg M12

20:15 Skip’s philosophy on replacing caps in a customer’s amp

22:30 Illinois capacitors; a Marshall JTM45 that pops when you turn it off

27:40 Even more capacitor talk: Orange Drop capacitors, Illinois MWR capacitors, Jupiter capacitors, Blue Drop caps

35:03 A Rickenbaker M-8E with modified output transformer wiring; Ethiopian ful beans

41:54 TAVA Big Index Page (link)

43:04 Wiring a new home for a vintage PA

48:44 Recommended book: ‘Grateful Dead Gear’ (Amazon link)

50:44 Washable Crayola on the Mona Lisa; an owner’s manual for a 100-watt Multivox P88?

53:42 How to get better at diagnosing amp problems?

55:21 First 5E3 clone upgrades, even more capacitor talk (disc capacitors), CTS metal-shaft pots

1:01:11 Overview of a push-pull circuit, single-open ended; mountain pie makers

1:05:25 Cast Iron Revival (Portland, Oregon; Instagram link)

1:09:13 Gibson GA-17RVT Scout oscillations

1:14:06 What to put inside a Gibson GA-15RVT?

1:17:50 Polarities revisited and rice water soup

Hosted by amp tech Skip Simmons. Co-hosted and produced by the Fretboard Journal’s Jason Verlinde.

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Above photo courtesy listener Yann.