The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 59


Once again, Skip Simmons is fielding guitar amp questions from around the world.

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Some of the topics discussed on this episode:

5:13 The Truth About Recording & Mixing (launching January 2021!)
9:16 Building mic pre-amps
12:42 A “ripping” overdrive sound on a converted Vibro-Champ
17:51 A Red Bear amps service warning
21:36 Dr. Z Z-Air Brake, revisited; Joel Patterson; El Pato in Maryland
27:09 Jason ponders a new Patreon tier, tortillas on a cookie sheet, un-flavored Doritos
29:26 Safely packing amps for a cross-country (almost) move
35:05 Eau de Tweed
38:15 Traynor amp values
40:35 How long does the death stay in a death cap?
44:33 What to do with a Knight PA system?
50:30 Skip’s (un-modified) PA liquidation
53:27 Oatmeal with jam
53:50 Crisped chickpeas in spiced brown butter
56:30: Book recommendations: ‘A People and Their Music: The Story, Behind the Story, of Country Music’; ‘Highway 99: A Literary Journey Through California’s Central Valley’
1:02:18 A three-prong, ground loop question with a 5E3 and a 6G15 Reverb
1:09:22 The right goo to fix a cracked two-prong plug
1:15:07 The differences between the Deluxe V1 and V2 plate voltages, redux
1:18:03 A prototype Twin Reverb
1:20:25 The white powder on vintage amp parts

Photo above: Listener Reed’s 1950-ish Knight PA system.

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