The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 46

Steve Melkisethian of Angela Instruments makes his eagerly anticipated second Truth About Vintage Amps appearance and it doesn’t disappoint. Included: Tracking down vintage Marshalls in the UK, selling gear to U2, Ken Fischer, tube sockets, recommended books, Orange amps, Jesse Quitslund of Acme Instruments, Jef Brown, Steve plays drums for the Cramps, and more!

Note: Steve recommends two books by author Pete “The Jukester” Sheridan. As of the time of publishing this episode, we’ve been unable to contact Sheridan via his website to confirm that they’re still available but we hope to hear from him soon and we’ll pass along any information we hear.

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Picture above: Angela Melkisethian’s Gretsch 6151, discussed on this podcast as well as Steve’s first appearance on TAVA.

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