The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 30

One again, amp tech Skip Simmons is answering all of your pressing amp questions on the Truth About Vintage Amps podcast, brought to you by the Fretboard Journal. Submit your question to Skip here: podcast@fretboardjournal.com or, better yet, leave us a voicemail or text at 509-557-0848.

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Note: This episode was recorded on February 28, 2020 and pre-dates the passing of Little Charlie Baty, as well as much as of the news we now have on the coronavirus. We just recorded a new show on March 19 that discusses both topics and we will be posting that next week.

Some of the topics discussed on this episode:

4:10 The hillbillies from Olivehurst: A cursed Gibson GA-15RVT and an early ’60s Gibson Melody Maker
11:09 A 1951 Fender Tweed Pro with a factory field coil speaker (with one end on the B+, the other end grounded)
14:38 A TAVA Facebook group? Looking for moderators (inquire within)
18:44 Frito Chili Pie
20:42 Biasing for Class A Fixed, Class A/B and Cathode biasing; A Fender 5F2A’s inverse negative feedback
30:49 Built-in power attenuators
35:40 Installing a headphone output jack on a vintage Fender Champ
37:16 The future reputation of modern amp builders (Carr, Dr. Z, Bartel, etc.)
47:04 More on Skip’s Retropolitan amps
50:35 Breaking-in a speaker with a looper pedal
53:49 Music recommendations: Stanley Turentine, Grant Green, Lou Donaldson, Shirley Scott
55:21 What’s wrong with Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s amp on his 1946 recording “That’s All Right”?
57:35 Vintage Australian amps: Goldentone, Vase & Moody
58:34 A Fender Blues Deville with too much reverb
1:00:58 The “tone expander” switch on a Gibson GA30RV “Invader”
1:02:20 Vintage Gibson cabinet talk: Redwood? Any available reproduction cabinets?
1:05:54 Music recommendation: ‘Unshaven: Live at Smith’s Olde Bar’ by Shaver
1:07:34 A John Vanderslice / Tiny Telephone update
1:09:07 Mac & cheese revisited
1:10:15 Picky goats
1:11:12 Selmer Triumph Reverb schematic
1:13:50 Grounding schemes, halloumi cheese
1:21:17 Special guest: Chris Benson of Benson Amps! (Triad transformers, new releases, granola, cast iron)
1:39:19 Replace the bypass cap on your silverface Champ
1:40:10 Rodriguez & Searching for Sugar Man
1:42:01 Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven

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Above: Selmer Triumph Reverb schematic, submitted from listener Zach in Seattle. 

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